International Journal of Business Reflections, Vol 1, No 1 (2020)

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Rahma Shafaat, Tehmina Fiaz Qazi, Tayyab Mahmood


In the current date, when it has become difficult for the organizations to provide high monetary rewards to the employees, it has become a point of concern for the organizations as to how to motivate employees using ways that are economical, low-cost as well as satisfactory. On the other hand, organizational goals cannot be achieved until the employees are not motivated to achieve them. This study aims to identify employees’ perceptions, individually, about how transformational leadership, solely and with the help of organizational goal clarity (OGC), performance management (PM), public service motivation (PSM), leader-member exchange (LMX) and perceived organizational support (POS) can increase mission valence among public sector employees. This research is based upon data collected through survey from 377 employees of public sector organizations of Lahore, Pakistan. The findings of this study endorse the mediations of organizational goal clarity, performance management and public service motivation in the relationship among transformational leadership and mission valence as suggested by prior studies. Additionally, the findings of the current study confirm the mediations of newly introduced variables, leader-member exchange and perceived organizational support, in the relationship amid transformational leadership and mission valence. This study further contributes to the literature on transformational leadership and mission valence. Particularly, leader-member exchange and perceived organizational support are newly investigated in this study with regards to the relationship between transformational leadership and mission valence. Moreover, the study has also discussed its theoretical contributions and practical implications in public sector organizations.

Keywords – Transformational leadership, mission valence, organizational goal clarity, performance management, public service motivation, leader-member exchange, perceived organizational support

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