International Journal of Business Reflections, Vol 1, No 1 (2020)

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Tayyab Mahmood, Rahma Shafaat


The purpose of this study is to show that supportive organizational culture (SOC) & shared leadership (SL) increases perceived organizational effectiveness (POE) & innovative employee behavior (IEB) through mediating effect of knowledge sharing behavior (KSB) which was strengthened by training & development (T&D) as a moderator. The data was collected using cross sectional study with a sample size of 340 from private telecom sector Lahore, Pakistan. Linear regression & Hayes process model 1 & 4 were used to test the hypotheses. The results of the study found out that there are positive & significant relationship of supportive organizational culture, shared leadership directly and through moderating role of knowledge sharing behavior upon perceived organizational effectives & innovative employee behavior. The finding shows that training & development moderates positively & strengthens the relationship between supportive organizational culture, shared leadership & knowledge sharing behavior but also amplifies indirect relationship between IV & DV via knowledge sharing behavior. The study has also discussed its theoretical contributions and practical implications in private sector organizations. This study will be helpful for private sector telecom organizations in achieving their objectives and goals. This study progresses the literature on supportive organizational culture, organizational effectiveness utilizing one mediator & knowledge sharing behavior. Furthermore, this study, by establishing mediating role of knowledge sharing behavior, found out that supportive organizational culture & shared leadership contributes to the innovative employees’ behavior and perceived organizational effectiveness; also moderating role of training & development offers additional insights into employees’ degree of engagement with the organization and their leader to get them ready for new transforming world and technologies. 

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