Punjab University Journal of Mathematics, Vol 48, No 2 (2016)

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Effects of Chemical Reaction on the Unsteady Flow of an Incompressible Fluid over a Vertical Oscillating Plate

A. U. Awan, Rabia Safdar, Aneela Shaukat, Aneela Shaukat


The first order uniform chemical reaction of a viscous incompressible unsteady flow of fluid passing on an oscillatory infinite long vertical plate is studied with modified temperature and uniform mass diffusivity. The temperature and concentration are raised linearly with respect to time around the plate . Laplace transformation technique is used to find the exact solution for the dimensionless governing equations, when plate moves about its mean position harmonically. The changing results of temperature, concentration and velocity is learned for distinct parameters like chemical reaction parameter, thermal Grashof number, Schmidt number, ¨ time and phase angle are discussed through detailed graphical analysis. 

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