Vol 52, No 8 (2020)


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A Study of Soft Sets with Soft Members and Soft Elements: A New Approach PDF
Muhammad Saeed, Manzoor Hussain, Abdul Aleem Mughal
On Perfect2-Coloring of the Bicubic Graphs with Order up to12 PDF
Somayeh Shafiee Alamoti, Mehdi Alaeiyan, Alireza Gilani, Maryam Golriz
The Power Burr Type X Distribution : Properties, Regression Modeling and Applications PDF
Rana Muhammad Usman, Maryam Ilyas
A Consequential Computation of Degree Based Topological Indices of Grasmere Geometric Graph PDF
Zeeshan Saleem Mufti, Asma Wajid, Tanweer Ul Islam, Nasir Ali
An Analytic Approximation for Time-Fractional BBM-Burger Equation PDF
Jafar Biazar, Saghi Safaei

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