Vol 49, No 1 (2017)


Table of Contents


Certain Characterization of m-Polar Fuzzy Graphs by Level Graphs PDF
Muhammad Akram, Gulfam Shahzadi
Some Topological Indices of L(S(CNCk[n])) PDF
M. Faisal Nadeem, Sohail Zafar, Zohaib Zahid
Hyers–Ulam Stability of Linear Summation Equations PDF
Akbar Zada, Farhan Ullah Khan, Usman Riaz, Tongxing Li
Approximate Nonlinear Self-Adjointness and Approximate Conservation Laws of the Gardner Equation PDF
Narges Pourrostami, Mehdi Nadjafikhah
Some Generalized Aggregation Operators for Cubic Hesitant Fuzzy Sets and Their Applications to Multi Criteria Decision Making PDF
Tahir Mahmood, Faisal Mehmood, Qaisar Khan
Repeated QR Updating Algorithm for Solution of Equality Constrained Linear Least Squares Problems PDF
Salman Zeb, Muhammad Yousaf
Rational Bernstein Collocation Method for Solving the Steady Flow of a Third Grade Fluid in a Porous Half Space PDF
Kobra Karimi, Alireza Bahadorimrhr
Two New Cubically Convergent Iteration Schemes for Resolution of Nonlinear Equations Based On Quadrature Rules PDF
Muhammad Saqib, Muhammad Iqbal
Derivations of a Subclass of Filiform Leibniz Algebras PDF
AL-Nashri AL- hossain Ahmed
Spinor Representation of Finite Rotations of SO(4) PDF
Muneer Ahmad Rashid, Ansaruddin Syed
Multi-step frozen Jacobian iterative scheme for solving IVPs and BVPs based on higher order Fr´echet derivatives PDF
Iqra Ilyas, Zulfiqar Ali, Fayyaz Ahmad, Malik Zaka Ullah, Ali Saleh Alshomrani
Optimal Control of Air Pollution PDF
Y. O. Aderinto, O. M. Bamigbola

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