Vol 50, No 2 (2018)


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Improved Complexity of a Homotopy Method for Locating an Approximate Zero PDF
Ioannis K. Argyros, Santhosh George
On Bayesian Shrinkage Estimator of Parameter of Exponential Distribution with Outliers PDF
P. Nasiri, M. Jabbari Nooghabi
Unsteady Rotational Flow of Fractional Maxwell Fluid in a Cylinder Subject to Shear Stress on the Boundary PDF
Azhar Ali Zafar, Muhammad Bilal Riaz, Muhammad Imran Asjad
Application of the Srivastav-Owa Fractional Calculus Operator to Janowski Spiral-like Functions of Complex Order PDF
Manzoor Hussain
Stability Analysis and Solutions of Dynamical Models for Dengue PDF
Shumaila Javeed, Ali Ahmed, Mansoor Shaukat Khan, Muhammad Asif Javed
A Comparative Study of Tumor Regression Efficiency under the Impact of Cytokines Interleukin-21 and Interleukin-2 for Cancer Treatment Cultured with Chemo - Immunotherapy: A Mathematical Modeling Approach PDF
Muhammad Suleman, Muhammad Usman Hashmi
Application of Fuzzy Numbers to Assessment of Human Skills PDF
Michael Gr. Voskoglou
A Mathematical Analysis of Magnetohydrodynamic Generalized Burger Fluid for Permeable Oscillating Plate PDF
Kashif Ali Abro, Mukarrum Hussain, Mirza Mahmood Baig
Some Interval-Valued Pythagorean Fuzzy Weighted Averaging Aggregation Operators and Their Application to Multiple Attribute Decision Making PDF
Khaista Rahman, Asad Ali, Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan
Fuzzy Parameterized Fuzzy Soft Compact Spaces with Decision-Making PDF
Muhammad Riaz, Masooma Raza Hashmi
Averaging Aggregation Operators with Interval Pythagorean Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers and Their Application to Group Decision Making PDF
M. Shakeel, S. Abdullah, M. Sajjad Ali Khan, K. Rahman

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