Pakistan Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation (PJERE), Vol 9, No 2 (2021)

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Assessment of Learning Achievement of Visually Impaired Children at Primary Level

Muhammad Akram Shakir, Farah Shafiq, Muhammad Naveed Khalid


The paper dispenses and disseminates assessment of the learning achievement of visually impaired children at primary level in Punjab. This explorative study was devised primarily to assess the academic achievement of the visually impaired and to analyze items developed for visually impaired children in Punjab. Keeping in view the aforementioned objectives and issues, the empirical work was administered in two urban districts of Punjab’s populated congested city Lahore and Okara.  For the sake of research work, samples were assembled from the different groups of male and female visually impaired children in Punjab. In this research work, (N = 100) boys and girls participated as sample of the study. The research questionnaire was constructed on the basis of the conceived strategies and assessment methods. An achievement test in Braille and sighted system was developed in the subject of Social Studies. The test contained 38 questions which were in the form of MCQs and open ended. For item analysis, ITEMAN software was employed and for other data analysis SPSS was used. The results and findings retrieved from the study were analyzed and revealed through descriptive statistics. The most of the items had a moderate difficulty level. Overall all the achievement of male and female students was satisfactory; however, no char difference was found across the gender. Most of the test items were reliable and valid. The study may be beneficial for psychometricians, teachers, parents of visually impaired children and other stakeholders specially in the sub-sector of special education.

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