Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries, Vol 17 (2016)

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Need for Re-Conceptualization of Core Knowledge in the Field of Information Studies: A Case of Information Organization

Abdus Sattar Chaudhry


This paper calls for a review of curriculum in the discipline of information studies to respond to the recent changes brought by digital information environment, social media, and multidisciplinary initiatives. This is an opinion paper based mainly on author's extensive teaching experience and research in the area of information/knowledge organization. Relevant literature was reviewed to develop theoretical context and support assertions made and suggestions put forward by the author. This paper makes a case for fundamental changes in curriculum in the area of information organization to expand the scope of core knowledge in this important area. In author's opinion, re-conceptualization of contents has become necessary to respond to changes taking place in the information field in the digital environment. Author suggests that new topics are placed in different courses in the information studies programs (introductory/foundation; core/required; and electives/specialized courses) for a balanced approach. Discussion on possible changes will be helpful in curriculum design and teaching of information/knowledge organization courses in information studies ram to make these courses more useful for professionals aspiring to work in modern information environments.

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