Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries, Vol 18, No 1 (2016)

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Technical Staff Positions and Technology related Tasks: A Study of University Libraries in Pakistan

Ahsan Ullah, Haroon Idrees


This study investigated the current state of technical staff positions in the central libraries of leading universities in Pakistan. Multiple quantitative methods were adopted to carry out this study. Quantitative data about technical staff positions were retrieved from organizational documents such as service structure documents, organizational charts and budgetary documents. Principal author carried out quantitative observations and informal discussions with library executives in order to measure the levels of working of technical staff positions and alternatives adopted by libraries to carry out technical tasks. This study found that fifty percent of the libraries have not created any technical staff positions and automation related tasks are being performed by library professionals with the cooperation of vendors who have provided the library software. Of the nine positions for technical staff sanctioned by the libraries, only two were found to have been filled. Centralized mode of operation has been adopted for technical staff personnel. Only one library has given the additional charge of section head to the technology expert who is also managing technical tasks at organizational level.

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