Vol 17 (2016)

Special Issue

This special issue of PJIM&L (Volume 17) contains the selected articles of International Conference on Information Management & Libraries (ICIML) held on October 10-13, 2015 at University of the Punjab, Lahore [Pakistan]. ICIML was organized by Department of Information Management,  University of the Punjab, Lahore [Pakistan].

Chief Editor: Kanwal Ameen

Editors: Muhammad Rafiq, Syeda Hina Batool


Table of Contents


Guest Editorial PDF
Sajjad ur Rehman v-vi


Keynote 1: Information and Library Services in a Connected World PDF
Sanda Erdelez 1
Keynote 2: Developments in Education for Information: Will “Data” Trigger the Next Wave of Curriculum Changes in LIS Schools? PDF
Yaşar Tonta 2-12
Keynote 3: Digital Libraries and Digital Humanities: Some Reflections on their Synergy PDF
Widad El Hadi 13-28
To Information Management and Beyond PDF
Mumtaz Ali Anwar 30-38
Developing Library, Information and Knowledge (LIK) Competencies: Challenges for Educators PDF
Sajjad ur Rehman 39-49
Need for Re-Conceptualization of Core Knowledge in the Field of Information Studies: A Case of Information Organization PDF
Abdus Sattar Chaudhry 50-55
Measuring Levels of Students' Anxiety in Information Seeking Tasks PDF
Muhammad Asif Naveed, Kanwal Ameen 56-68
Barriers Faced by Rural and Non-Rural Primary Care Physicians During the Process of Seeking Health Information from their Practice Settings PDF
Salman Bin Naeem, Rubina Bhatti 69-85
Reading Trends of Youth in Pakistan: A Pilot Study PDF
Saira Hanif Soroya, Kanwal Ameen 86-96
Digitization of Archival Collections by Libraries in Pakistan: Issues, Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities PDF
Bushra A. Jaswal 97-108
Thriving at Workplace: Contributing to Self-development, Career Development, and Better Performance in Information Organizations PDF
Sidra Shan 109-119
Scientometrics Analysis for Research Performance Evaluation: Methodological Issues at Meso and Micro Levels PDF
Muzammil Tahira, Aryati Bakri, Kiran Kaur 120-125
Gauging the Quality and Trustworthiness in the Citation Practices of Malaysian Academic Researhers PDF
Abrizah Abdullah, Dave Nicholas, Fathiah Badawi, Norliya Ahmad Kassim 126-136
Adapting and Normalizing the 6th Grade Version of the Tool for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills (TRAILS) Among the Iranian 6th Grade Students PDF
Fatima Baji, Zahed Bigdeli 137-145
Barriers When Advocating or Providing Information Literacy Instruction in Medical Institutions of Pakistan PDF
Midrar Ullah, Kanwal Ameen 146-154
Disaster Management in University Libraries of India and Pakistan PDF
Trishanjit Kaur 155-161
Is English Language a Barrier in Research Productivity Among Information Professionals? A Descriptive Study PDF
Muhammad Tariq, Tooba Ahmad, Shafiq ur Rehman 162-173
The Impact of Digital Library Resources’ Usage on Research Productivity: A Study Among Engineering Students in Pakistan PDF
Amjid Khan, Shamshad Ahmed 174-183
Journey from Library Management System (LMS) to KOHA by Government College University Libraries, Lahore PDF
Muhammad Tufail Khan, Aneela Zahid, Muhammad Rafiq 184-190
Utilization of E-Books among Undergraduate Medical Students at Lahor PDF
Sadaf Rafiq, Nosheen Fatima Warraich 191-200

Urdu Section

ضمیر کن فکاں ہے PDF
نسیم فاطمہ 202
پنجاب یونیورسٹی کا شعبہ لائبریری سائنس PDF
سید جمیل احمد رضوی 203-220
ہدئیہ تہنیت PDF
ملاحت کلیم شیروانی 221


Pre-Conference Messages PDF
Chief Minister (Punjab), Vice Chancellor , Chair, Secretary, Conv. Prog. Adv. Comm., President ALISE, President SLA, Abdulhai, VP IATLIS viii-xix
Post-Conference Messages PDF
Sanda Erdelez, Abdus Sattar Chaudhry xxi-xxii
Special Message for the Conference PDF
Bashir Tiwana xxiv

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