Pakistan Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation (PJERE), Vol 9, No 2 (2021)

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A Comparison of Standard Setting Methods for Setting Cut-Scores for Assessments with Constructed Response Questions

Muhammad Naveed Khalid, Farah Shafiq, Shehzad Ahmed


Standard setting provides a way to define minimal competency for various professional assessments. In the literature, a number of methods are proposed but there are implications for examinees because they can produce varied passing scores. Angoff is a widely applied method in context of educational assessments to define the borderline student that required extensive training of judges and skills to conceptualize minimum proficiency. The Cohen has defined an alternative procedure to overcome the limitations of Angoff. Additionally, we explored the relative method by computing average of score distribution as a point below that mean as the passing mark. Objective of the study was to investigate performance of Angoff with other standard setting procedures to inform future standard setting practices. These methods were applied to various exams having small, medium and large number of students. We found Angoff method produced credible and reliable pass scores and close to the relative method but Cohen and Modified Cohen gave divergent results. We recommend studied standard setting procedures explored further with different formats of assessments having varied sample sizes.

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