Pakistan Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation (PJERE), Vol 9, No 1 (2021)

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Challenges Faced by the Teachers and Students in Online Learning during COVID-19

Muhammad Hafeez, Fatima Tahira, Muhammad Farooq Akbar Leghari


Most of the educational institutions in Pakistan are based on traditional method of learning and teaching. Although various institutions are now converting the learning methods from traditional to technology based online learning, yet a lot of work is to be done. The sudden outbreak of Pandemic disease Covid-19 has totally changed the learning and teaching system. Many educational institutions that were based on traditional methods of learning and teaching have to shift entirely on online learning and teachings. The main objective of the study was to highlight the challenges faced by students and teachers during Covid-19 in learning and teachings at undergraduate and graduate levels. For this, students and teachers of four universities from Southern area were selected conveniently. A self- developed closed ended questionnaire for teachers and students was used to collect data. The questionnaire was fully validated and piloted to make it the best for use.  The results of the research indicated that the students and teachers faced a lot of problems during the online learning and teaching. These included problems related internet connectivity, login, economical problems, time management etc. On the basis of findings, it is recommended to introduce course relate the usage of information technology or conduct special training before this activity of online classes. 

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