Vol 29, No 1 (2014)

South Asian Studies

Table of Contents


Low Caste in India (Untouchables) PDF
Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid, Dr. Abdul Majid, Saadat Faruq Zahid
Topology of Extremism: Implication on the Contemporary Politics of Pakistan PDF
Prof. Dr. Iram Khalid
Nuclearization of South Asia 1998: Pakistan’s Domestic Constraints PDF
Dr. Mubeen Adnan
Pakistan and the Question of Recognising Israel: Historical Issues and Future Prospects PDF
Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid, Malik Tauqir Ahmad Khan
Geneva Deal: Beginning of a New Era between Iran-Us Relations PDF
Dr. Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, Dr. Naheed S. Goraya
Understanding the Issue of Gender Discrimination as a ‘Crime’ of Gender Apartheid and Placing Violence against Women at the Centre of this Matrix PDF
Dr. Shazia Naureen Qureshi
Consumer Culture: An Analysis in a Socio - Cultural and Political Frame PDF
Dr. Fauzia Saleem, Dr. Muhammad Hafeez, Dr. Riffat Munawar
Child Protection Data: an analysis of Newspapers Coverage of child protection issues in Pakistan PDF
Tahira Jabeen
The Subcontinent Palimpsest in Alamgir Hashmi’s Poetry PDF
Dr. Amra Raza
Rivalry of Iranian Littérateurs against Persian Poets of India: Its effect on Evolution of Classical Literature of Urdu PDF
Shagufta Bano, Dr. Zahida Habib, Muhammad Sohail
Impact of Microcredit Scheme on Socio-economic Status of Farmers (A case study of PRSP in District Gujranwala) PDF
Muhammad Alam, Raza Ullah, Ali Iqtidar Mirza, Mehboob Elahi, Waqar Saleem, Hamid Sultan
A Comparative Study Evaluating Performance of Old Traffic Police (OTP) & New Traffic Police (NTP) in Twin Cities (Rawalpindi & Islamabad) PDF
Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman Saif Abbasi, Latafat Aziz, Asim Muneeb Khan
The Salatin of Delhi in the Age of Sultan ul Masha’ikh PDF
Dr. Tahir Raza Bokhari
Peace Talks with Taliban: Expectations, Realities and Way Forward PDF
Dr. Attiq-ur- Rehman
Women Prisoners: A Case Study of Central Jail, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore PDF
Khalid Manzoor Butt
Socio-economic Status and Domestic Violence: A Study on Married Women in Urban Lahore, Pakistan PDF
Sana Ashraf Chatha, Dr. Khalil Ahmad
An Assessment of Japan’s ODA to Bangladesh: Changing to a New Height of Relations PDF
Syed Al Atahar
Socially Abhorrent but Legally Acceptable: A Study of Alleged Conversions of Sunnis and Shias in Cases of Inheritance in Pakistan PDF
Dr. Shahbaz Ahmad Cheema
Analysis of Population Growth and Urban Development in Lahore-Pakistan using Geospatial Techniques: Suggesting some future Options PDF
Safdar Ali Shirazi, Syed Jamil H. Kazmi
China's engagement with Regionalization in South and Southeast Asia: A comparative perspective PDF
Vasiliki Papatheologou, Rizwan Naseer, Musarat Amin
Historical Perspective of Pakistan USA Relations; Lessons for Pakistan PDF
Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid, Imrana Mushtaq
Indo-Pakistan Trade Relations: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Daily Dawn. PDF
Dr. Noshina Saleem, Sadia Jabeen, Sonia Omer, Dr. Mian Ahmad Hanan
Baloch Resistance during Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's Era: Causes and Consequences PDF
Dr. Gulshan Majeed, Dr. Rehana Saeed Hashmi
Frequency Counts in South Asian Poetry; Sultan Bahu’s Concept of Mystical Love PDF
María Isabel Maldonado García
Ethnic Politics: An Issue to National Integration (The Case of Pakistan) PDF
Dr. Rehana Saeed Hashmi

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